Project your name and message of hope onto the Brussels night sky for 23rd June

June 23, 2021 at 10:00pm - 11pm
Buildings in the heart of Brussels
Bruxelles 1050
Google map and directions

**UPDATE: Due to unexpected demand, space on the projection is now sold out! Thanks so much to everyone who has submitted their name, and especially those who also made a donation - thank you.**

The fifth anniversary of the 23rd June 2016 referendum to leave the European Union isn't a moment we remember fondly. But this year, we’re marking the occasion by turning it into a message of hope. We are going to project the names of those citizens who voted to stay, or who regretted voting leave, or anyone else who wants to sign our message, onto buildings at the heart of Europe.

Will you add your name to the projected message?

How do I take part?

1. Add your name below

2. Your name will be added to our message to the people of Europe

3. A few days before 23rd June we will beam your name and thousands of others onto buildings in Brussels


Which buildings will you project onto?

Due to Covid-19 plans can change rapidly. But we'll be getting as close to the symbolic heart of Europe as possible.


How will I see my name in lights?

We'll be sharing video footage on our social media channels and with the press on 23rd June


I'd like to take part, but would prefer my name not to be used.

We recommend only using a name that you are happy to be beamed onto the buildings in Brussels. You are welcome to use an initial. Or if you'd still like to contribute privately, you could make a donation to our work or become a regular supporter.

Would you like to add your name for free?

Sorry, this event is sold out

Campaign activity and stunts like this cost money, and we try to spend our money on direct campaigning.
So please consider helping us cover the costs of this message of hope by making a donation when you add your name below.

Will you come?

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