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Everyone should be able to afford enough, good food to feed their family.

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The UK needs an Affordable Food Deal with Europe.

One in Ten children affected

Food prices are set to skyrocket at the end of the year. We must make sure the UK and the EU work together to keep high quality food affordable for all. Sign up to support the Affordable Food Deal. 

The Trussell Trust estimates one in ten children in the UK are affected by food insecurity. As one of the richest countries in the world, this is disgraceful. 

Parents should not have to choose between good food or affordable food - all food should be safe and produced to a high standard. And no parent should have to choose between feeding themselves or their children - healthy, high quality food should be affordable for all.

Coronavirus adds money worries

The coronavirus pandemic hit many families like a tidal wave out of nowhere. No one had time to prepare. Many parents lost their jobs and were thrown into financial insecurity. Others, without regular school meals, struggled to put enough good quality food on the table. Food banks like the Trussell Trust and the Independent Food Aid Network stepped into the breach, providing emergency relief for families in need. 

Now food prices are set to increase. As we leave the EU single market in January, new import tariffs will be attached to countless staple food items like pasta, beans and tinned tomatoes. A meal of tomato pasta for a family of four could increase by nearly a fifth. This is food many rely on to feed their families healthily and affordably. 

Support the Affordable Food Deal 

The Affordable Food Deal aims to educate people about these new tariffs, and raise awareness of food poverty in the UK. At a time of record unemployment and a global recession, it's never been more important that food remains accessible, affordable and healthy.

The UK Government has committed to healthy eating and efficient food infrastructures in it's Better Health and National Food Strategy campaigns. Clearly, if both sides can come together and reach an Affordable Food Deal, we will be one step closer to making those campaigns a success.  

We must ensure free trade with the EU, to keep import taxes down, ensure the reliable supply of food into the UK and uphold the high food safety standards the UK has long enjoyed. No consumers should be forced to pay high prices for basic necessities, or be forced to buy substandard food  - especially vulnerable mothers and families. 

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