Keep the EU ban on bee pesticides

Earlier this year, the European Union introduced a ban on neonicotinoids, after a report from their scientific risk assessors concluded that they posed a high risk to wild and honey bees - the move was praised by environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth and the Pesticide Action Network, but sadly, the government could be set to reverse it after Brexit to please corporate interests.

The agrochemical industry is extremely powerful. They've already convinced the Trump regime to roll back on Obama's ban on neonicotinoids and Professor Dave Goulson, leading bee specialist and founder of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, warns they will exert significantย pressure in Britain too.ย 

Indeed, the government already has a poor track record in this regard, back in 2015, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) gave emergency authorisation for two pesticides for use on rape seed crops, despite research suggesting the areas affected were expected to lose two thirds of their wild bumblebee queens.ย 

We cannot let the progress we've made get taken for granted or put the bee population at threat again. Sign our petition to ensure the government keeps the ban on neonicotinoids if Brexit goes ahead.

GOAL: 35,000 signatures

If you agree, sign the open letter:

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