Better Democracy: Accountable Power. Fair Elections. Equal Voices.

Democracy in the UK should work for all those who have a stake in the future of our country. 

No vote should be considered wasted.

Scrutiny of those in power is vital for our democracy.

Best for Britain believes our society works best and achieves the most when everyone has the same opportunity to take part, to have their say and to be heard.

Our democracy is precious, it faces internal dangers when trust in politicians and the system is lost and it faces external dangers by those who seek to reduce the rights of the individual, or those that threaten liberal democracy.

We will work to protect democracy in the UK and around the world.

Accountable Power

Scrutiny of political decisions and government actions by Parliament, by the Courts and by the media is vital. Those in authority accept that that authority comes with responsibility. Those who wield power must be held accountable. This is not about blame and it is not necessarily just about when things go wrong.

Decisions taken by government affect us all and we all benefit from independent voices checking their working and helping put things right and learning from mistakes. 

Fair Elections 

Everyone should be empowered to exercise their democratic rights, on Election Day, on marches and in their community. We will work to make sure no one is disenfranchised in the UK.

Democracy isn’t just about winning elections, it’s about finding solutions to our shared problems and striving for the best outcomes for us all. Politicians and political parties have the chance to show us they really do care about their principles and their values by putting aside tribalism and working together across party lines in areas where they agree on the issues.

Equal Voices

No vote, in any part of the UK, should be considered ‘wasted’. The only way to permanently solve fundamental problems in our society, and in our politics, is to make all votes matter through electoral reform. Restoring trust and accountability to the electoral system by making votes fair and equal across the country would change our politics.

This would ensure focus of politics would be back to the principles and ideas and ‘safe seats’ would become a thing of the past.

Best for Britain believes in meaningful electoral reform and proportional, fair representation for every citizen.