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Tactical Voting in Chesham by Naomi Smith Taking the Knee by Lauren Tavriger A Land Down Under by Lauren Tavriger A rushed trade deal with Australia could mean ee-eye-ee-eye-woe for our farmers by Naomi Smith 13 out of England’s 26 man Squad for Euro 2020 could play for a different country by Lauren Tavriger Our values by Naomi Smith ‘Nul points’ for the government’s handling of foreign language education by Cal Roscow For UK climate policy, international expectations may be more meaningful than statutory targets. by Laura Savage The UK is internationalist by instinct by Cary Mitchell An assault on our democracy by Cary Mitchell The European project was always about peace by Julia Meadon Naomi Smith's speech: What is Best for Britain? by Naomi Smith The Government cannot be allowed to mark its own homework by Naomi Smith We need emergency climate action - not more delay. by Cal Roscow Internationalism fails, and Africa dies a little by Cal Roscow Of Davids and Goliaths: The perils of politicians drunk on power by Naomi Smith Scrutiny, accountability and the neutering of Parliament by Kenny Campbell Pay to Play: So you want to be a touring musician? Better have deep pockets by Flo Hutchings The winners so far in 2021 by Naomi Smith Workers’ rights, travel rights and a French letter by Cary Mitchell

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