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Boris Johnson claims we are heading for ‘serfdom’ if Starmer changes our awful Brexit deal. Ignore him
The case for talking to Brussels and seeking improvements is undeniable – except to those like Johnson, in a world of their own
Six constituencies to watch on election night for tactical voting
It’s official, Britain is a nation of tactical voters. Our latest massive poll suggests that in a week’s time, four in ten of us will vote tactically to turf Sunak out of Downing Street.
2024 manifestos: an analysis
Here, we offer an overarching analysis of the manifestos - from the good, to the bad, to the just not that interesting (but probably important anyway).
Scottish voters are the most Pro-European in Britain, they should have influence beyond opposition benches
The next UK Government will have the unprecedented opportunity and responsibility to rebuild the UK-EU relationship and as the most pro-European nation in the UK, the bulk of the Scottish electorate must be represented in the halls of power.
Striking benefits: England's Euros squad is a celebration of immigration
Research shows that the 26-man England squad has 15 players who could have represented another country.
Best for Britain launches Out-of-Home election campaign ads
Best for Britain reveals the latest artwork for Tactical Voting and Voter ID campaigns set to be displayed across England, Scotland and Wales for the general election from 17th June...
Your questions on immigration answered: What is migration? And why are some people always talking about it?
Between Government announcements, new laws, the publication of reports, and the release of fresh figures, it can be hard to keep up, so we’ve put together a quick explainer on everything migration related, and importantly, because nobody else seems to ask, isn’t immigration actually good for the UK?
The headline costs of Brexit
Counting the cost of Brexit could fill a library but here are the answers to all the headline questions: What is Brexit costing us? What impact is it having on businesses, consumers and public services? And is there any way to undo the damage?
Confused about Voter ID? Here’s everything you need to know ahead of polling day to make sure your vote counts
If you’re a bit confused about voter ID (and understandably so!) don’t worry, here’s all the information you need to make sure you can cast your vote and make your voice heard.
The Rwanda Bill explained: Your FAQ on the Government’s controversial Rwanda Plan
Today the UK Government overcame one of the largest hurdles standing in the way of its controversial Rwanda Policy by getting its flagship piece of legislation through Parliament. But what is the Rwanda Plan? Why is it so controversial? Why is the Government doing it? How will it work and perhaps more importantly, will it work at all?
‘When is the next UK general election?’ and every other question you have about how quickly we can get a change of Government
It's felt like an eternity since the public last got a say in who runs the UK and one of the questions we are asked most often is when the next election might be. So here are all your questions answered.
Barred from the ballot: Why young people like me are so angry about voter ID
Why is it that I - a woman in my early 20s - will be turned away if I try to vote using my travel card, but someone over the age of 60 won't for using theirs? Doesn't seem very democratic, right? That's because it's not.
Tactical Voting: FAQs
Answering frequently asked questions on tactical voting. What is tactical voting? How does it work? Are tactical vote recommendations accurate? How do I find out who to vote for?
Five things that SHOULD be April Fools' Day jokes, but…aren't
Full disclosure: we were going to do an April Fools' Day joke. It's a fun date in every marketer’s calendar, a way to poke fun at the government (or more...
Bringing our new brand to life
  Cal Roscow, our Executive Director of Marketing, reveals Best for Britain's new style guide and messaging:
Don’t fall for the Sweden Democrats' cunning plan for Swexit
David Cameron's renegotiations with Brussels unintentionally paved the way for Brexit, but now Sweden's right wing populists are trying to do the same.
By-election wrap up: Double defeat for Sunak could mask closer General Election
Beyond the usual by-election caveats, the results of these two races mask a much closer contest to come.
Everything you need to know about the Welsh Labour Leadership contest
With Welsh Labour Members heading to the polls this Friday, we bid Hwyl Fawr to Prif Weinidog, and Labour Leader, Mark Drakeford. Best for Britain’s Georgia Wiltshire takes a look at the candidates in the running for the job
The Greens have reason to hate it, but tactical voting is more important than ever
“It’s not easy bein’ green” - a 1970 hit for Kermit the Frog and a truism in British politics. Despite enjoying sustained and widespread support, the Green Party have been consistently and almost completely frustrated by our outdated electoral system.
Everything wrong with the Guardian’s ‘defence of Brexit’ piece
While making no mention of a myriad of issues sparked by the UK’s departure from the EU, some of the ‘proof’ offered in this thesis that Brexit has not been a disaster is questionable. Let’s pick over some of the highlights.