It may sound like Trump said it, but it was BORIS.

Boris and Trump like to pretend they're 'men of the people'. But when you look closer, it's clear they do NOT represent us. They are not our future.

We all know Trump. He stands for hate and intolerance.

He stands for the rich and powerful against the poor and vulnerable.

Trump looks at Brexit and sees an opportunity - a Trump trade deal would mean chlorinated chicken on our shelves and ever increasing medicine prices for the NHS.

Boris also saw an opportunity in Brexit.

He's always had his eye on the top job.

But Boris is the man who reportedly said "F**k business" because he'd prefer a damaging no deal Brexit. He referred to children from Commonwealth countries as “piccaninnies” and talked about their “watermelon smiles”. And he called women in burqas ‘letter boxes’ and ‘bank robbers’.

Boris does not share our values and we will stand against him.

No to intolerance. No to hate. No to giving up on our future. No to Brexit.


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