Breakdown of Crony Countdown

Category of waste Description of spending Money spent Source
Outrageous outgoings Wines for Government wine cellar 2019-20 £73,000 The Guardian
Outrageous outgoings Art for Downing Street £100,000 The Independent
Outrageous outgoings Unnecessary Union Jacks 2018-21 £163,000 The Guardian
Outrageous outgoings Traffic cones for Brexit traffic that never materialised £200,000 Kent Online
Outrageous outgoings Chauffeuring Government documents 2019/20 £570,000 Huffington Post
Outrageous outgoings Blue post-Brexit passports £11,000,000 Home Office
Outrageous outgoings Capita paid extortionate amount for the work of one individual £120,250 Byline Times
Outrageous outgoings Legal fees spent defending crony polling £600,000 The Guardian
Outrageous outgoings Contracts to big consulting firms without tender £56,000,000 The Guardian
Outrageous outgoings Festival of Brexit £29,000,000 The Mirror
Duff deals Faulty antibody tests £16,000,000 The Independent
Duff deals Unsafe PPE suits £32,000,000 City AM
Duff deals Ill-timed Get Ready for Brexit campaign £46,000,000 Business Insider
Duff deals Poorly packaged surgical gowns £70,000,000 BBC
Duff deals Unused medical gowns £122,000,000 BBC
Duff deals Extortionately expensive PPE coveralls £364,000,000 Byline Times
Duff deals Wasted money for test and trace contract that was never fulfilled £38,400,000 The Independent
Duff deals Money on a Green Homes Deal that failed to deliver £314,000,000 The Guardian
Duff deals Failed Test and Trace system £10,000,000,000 BMJ
Crony Contracts Political polling by Dominic Cummings' associates £580,000 The Guardian
Crony Contracts Government polling undertaken by Michael Gove's associates £840,000 The Guardian
Crony Contracts Paying Matt Hancock's neighbour to produce PPE £30,000,000 The Guardian
Crony Contracts Face shields from a Conservative Councillor's company £120,000,000 The Independent
Crony Contracts Genetic sequencing by David Cameron's employer £123,000,000 The Times
Crony Contracts Testing contract to Owen Paterson's employer £479,000,000 BBC
Crony Contracts PPE supplies from senior Government adviser £252,000,000 Evening Standard
Crony Contracts Lateral flow test contract to company employing Conservative MP £100,000 The Times
Crony Contracts Fashion company linked to the owners of Ayanda Capital awarded PPE contract  £25,800,000 Evening Standard
Crony Contracts Fashion firm owned by Conservative donor awarded PPE contract £160,000,000 Open Democracy
Crony Contracts Firm advised by Lord Feldman, who was simultaneously advising the health minister, awarded PPE contract £22,600,000 Financial Times
Crony Contracts Port of Felixstowe awarded contract for 5G trial - port is managed by Chris Grayling's second employer £1,600,000 Hutchison Ports
Crony Contracts Ryse Hydrogen (which employs Conservative MP Julian Smith) awarded Government grants £93,000 Byline Times
Crony Contracts Grants to a flying taxi company owned by Conservative donor £12,400,000 Byline Times
Crony Contracts Family that had donated to the Conservatives sees their firm awarded contracts £7,200,000 Byline Times
Crony Contracts Company chaired by Government adviser awarded PCR testing contract £20,600,000 Byline Times
Crony Contracts Same company as above awarded a further contract £38,000,000 The Times
Crony Contracts Firm belonging to Conservative donor awarded contract for remote-schooling laptops £240,000,000 Good Law Project
Crony Contracts Firm owned by Matt Hancock's friends awarded PPE contracts £14,400,000 Racing Post
Crony Contracts Firm that donated to Conservatives awarded remote schooling laptop contract £2,100,000 Byline Times
Crony Contracts Firm linked to Lord Ashcroft given Covid testing contract £350,000,000 The Guardian
Crony Contracts Pestfix (also a duff dealer) awarded further contracts and linked to DHSC official's family £313,700,000 Good Law Project; The Guardian
Crony Contracts Firm linked to Matt Hancock's family awarded Covid testing deal £5,500,000 Metro
Crony Contracts Firm owned by ex-Conservative councillor and Conservative donor awarded contracts for the supply of masks and gowns £275,000,000 Byline Times
Crony Contracts Firm employing Conservative MP secures NHS contract without competition £63,000 Bedford Independent
Crony Contracts Firm won contracts for PPE, testing, vaccines and ventilators - and has a prominent Conservative donor as its director £5,900,000 Byline Times
Crony Contracts Early pandemic contracts awarded to firm directed by prominent Conservative donor £16,200,000 The Independent
Crony Contracts Company whose holding company donated to Conservatives awarded test and trace contract £2,500,000 Byline Times
Crony Contracts Company whose director donated to the Conservatives awarded respirators contract ten days later £93,000,000 Daily Record
Crony Contracts A sub-company of the company above awarded a contract for PPE £53,000,000 Globus
Crony Contracts Firm owned by a Conservative donor won a maintenance contract £14,400,000 Byline Times
Crony Contracts PPE delivery contracts to Conservative donor's firm £11,000,000 The Independent
Crony Contracts Contract for Covid-19 testing buildings given to Conservative donor's firm £18,700,000 Byline Times
Crony Contracts Conservative donor's recruitment firm offered contract to supply staff for Covid-19 test sites £2,500,000 Byline Times
Crony Contracts Company linked to Government PPE Tsar awarded Covid contract £300,000 Good Law Project
Crony Contracts Sanitiser contract to dormant firm £43,800,000 The Canary
Crony Contracts Covid contracts given to outsourcing firm whose board includes a Conservative politician £110,000,000 The Times
Crony Contracts Award of Covid contract to company owned by man with Government links £15,000,000 Byline Times
Crony Contracts Firm with ties to a pro-Brexit lobbying group which including Rishi Sunak and Michael Gove awarded Covid contracts £777,000,000 ITV
  TOTAL £14,758.102,250