March 07, 2018 1:24 PM

Brexit by demographics

Best for Britain dug into the BES data once again, this time to look at voters' most important issues by demographic.

BES Data, April-June 2017, Most Important Issue split by Demographics

In the BES survey, carried out between April and June 2017, respondents were asked “As far as you're concerned, what is the SINGLE MOST important issue facing the country at the present time?” About half of all respondents stated Brexit, the most dominant issue by far. But how did these results split by demographic?


View the app with the data here.

Here we split the respondents of the BES into those whose most important issue (MII) was Brexit at some point in the campaign and those whose wasn’t. We can hypothesise that those respondents who stated ‘Brexit’ as their MII may be more likely to vote with Brexit as their primary motivation than those who did not.

This data is not weighted, but represents the results of the over 40,000 respondents from across England, Wales and Scotland. We split all data by their recorded 2016 referendum vote. A small number of respondents chose to not answer this question, check the tickbox below to include these respondents too.

To compare other topics, we include some of the other most popular topics for MII - Immigration, Terrorism and Health.

Head here to see the results of this research.

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