We demand fair representation in the Brexit debates

Theresa May has challenged Jeremy Corbyn to a debate where she will try to defend her botched Brexit deal. Both leaders don't want others taking part. That means there won't be anyone standing up for the people's right to their final say on Brexit - and no one to represent the benefits of staying in the EU.

Don't let this become a sham debate. All options should be on the table - including holding a people's vote on the deal and including the option to stay and lead in Europe.

Polling has consistently shown public support is getting stronger for a final say on the deal. It is imperative that broadcasters make sure all sides of the argument are represented. We say representatives from all the parties who have MPs in Westminster should be invited to take part. Just like they were during the General Election.

Help make sure the public hear all options for our future debated in the Brexit debate - sign our petition today!

GOAL: 50,000 signatures

If you agree, sign our petition:

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