Britain Can't Wait

After more than a decade the NHS is at breaking point, 1 in 5 people are living in poverty and home ownership has gone from an aspiration to a fantasy for most young people.

Our broken voting system keeps governments like ours in power with a minority of votes. If this government won't fix the mess it's created, we need one that will.

Demand electoral reform.

Britain can't wait.

Manny & Steph

The average deposit required for a first-time buyer is now £61,000. Buying a home is no longer a reality for most.

With the soaring cost of living young couples have been priced out of what previously used to be basic right.

The government, backed with a minority of votes, sits idly by. The system is broken. 

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The cost of living is soaring, and our schools are barely able to cope. Our teachers are doing everything they can, but it can’t go on this way.

Not only are schools having to grapple with constrained budgets and resources, but teachers are seeing first-hand the struggles that children and their families are suffering.

The government is failing our children, but it is the system that is broken.

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The UK’s healthcare system is at breaking point.

Doctors are struggling to keep up with the number of patients needing their help and are terrified of making wrong decision under such pressure. Many of those who want to train can’t afford to, and many of those who do end up leaving the UK anyway.

The government is failing, backed with a minority of votes.

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After more than a decade our public services have been destroyed by cuts, the NHS is at breaking point, and 1 in 5 people are living in poverty.

Britain can't wait a moment longer.

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The number of people relying on foodbanks has increased from 40,000 in 2010 to over 2million today and in one out of every seven households, adults regularly skip meals.

This year, energy and food prices have increased more in the UK than in any other G7 nation.

At a time when the cost of living is spiralling out of control, they have increased taxes on working people and pushed through tax cuts for bankers. By mismanaging our economy and introducing new trade barriers, they have increased costs for struggling people even further.

Without a change in government they will push more people into poverty. Ceri can't wait.

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The ambulance waiting time crisis has reached unprecedented levels, with people waiting hours for emergency medical services to arrive.

The reasons behind this crisis are complex and multifaceted, but it is clear that the problems are of the government's own making, primarily:

  • A shortage of medical staff after years of unfunded training, poor working conditions and terrible pay
  • Increased demand for ambulance services with an ageing population and insufficient NHS funding to support them

If this government won't wake up to the ambulance crisis, we must demand a voting system that gives us one which will.

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Since 2010, half of all police stations have closed and there are 8,000 fewer police officers

Last year only 1 in every 20 of violent crimes resulted in someone being charged and sexual offences reached a record high. By undermining our economy and wasting public money, this Conservative Government has left us with less to invest in our police and crime prevention.

If this government won't wake up to the crisis in crime rates, we must demand a voting system that gives us one which will.

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As prices spike thousands have had support removed after being subjected to often degrading and humiliating assessments.

Since 2018, the Government wrongfully removed payments for almost 300,000 people. 1,000 of them died waiting for this error to be corrected. The Conservatives have cut welfare spending by £37billion since 2010.

They have wastefully spent more than £60billion of public money in the last 3 years alone. Without a change in government, they will take more from those most in need and hand more public money to their mates. Frank can't wait.

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