March for Change Crowdfunder

Marches cost money so we need your help to make this a people-powered and people-funded movement. Every penny sends a message to this government: the UK wants to be part of Europe. Your money will help us pay for security, sound systems, and a massive campaign to get the word out across the country. Your money will help us to put on the best pro-European show of strength this country has ever seen.

Together, we will take to the streets on the 20th July, to take a stand for our NHS, our climate, our rights, our jobs and our voice. Be part of the change. Join us.

The March for Change operates an open and honest transparency policy. That means we want you to know exactly how we’re funded. Every penny donated will go directly towards the planning of the march. So, if we get donations larger than £500 we will ask donors if they are happy to make their names public knowledge on our Register of Interest. For larger donations of £7,500 or more, their name will automatically be published on this website. 


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During regulated election periods the law says we must make sure all donations of £500 or more are from people who are registered to vote in the UK, or companies that are registered and conduct their business in the UK. That's why we ask for your address and a phone number. If the same person donates more than once and their donations add up to more than £500 in the same calendar year, the same rule applies. Donations over £7,500 must be published by the Electoral Commission. Donations we find to be inadmissible may have to be returned.

Outside of election or referendum periods we welcome donations from anyone who wants to help Best for Britain.

Donations by debit/credit card, or via PayPal account are processed by PayPal. No PayPal account is necessary to process card payments.

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