Global Britain: Sign to keep car manufacturing jobs in Darlington.


Here in Darlington, we know how to get around.

We’re home to the world’s first steam-powered locomotive railway. But times move on, and transport changes. Now we’re known as a crucial centre of automotive engineering.

That’s why I’m calling for decisive action to be taken to protect and fortify the British automotive industry. And that begins with comprehensive and seamless trade with our closest neighbours in Europe. More than half of the cars we make are bought by European nations.

A new free trade deal with Japan would open a whole new automotive market. But we have a ready-made market right on our doorstep. Easy passage of goods from our nation to European countries will mean we can all feel the benefits of a global Britain.

I believe Darlington can go from strength to strength if we get a trade deal with Europe that avoids unnecessary customs checks or tariffs. 

Together, we can build on our proud manufacturing legacy, and attract even more skilled and sustainable jobs to our area. 

Join me in demanding my MP lobby the Government to secure the best, closest deal with Europe. 

If you agree, sign the open letter:

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