Prime Minister, give the people the final say

Dear Prime Minister,

As supporters of the Conservative Party we strongly agree with your statement in Downing Street that addressed the choices now facing our country, “When you strip away the detail, the choice before us is clear. This deal… or leave with no deal; or no Brexit at all.”

You have managed to secure a withdrawal agreement with the EU, negotiating pragmatically and have approached this difficult process with resilience. However, it is clear that for all the hard work that has gone into the deal, it does not provide the same benefits as our current deal with the EU.

We therefore urge you to give the people of the United Kingdom the final say on our future relationship with the EU.

Ensuring that the country has the opportunity to ratify your agreement or to maintain our relationship with the EU may not please everyone, but it is the rational option that can bring our country back together again and we urge you to adopt it.

If you agree, sign our petition:

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