Jeremy Corbyn, back a final say for the people

Dear Jeremy,

We strongly agree with your statement (Sky News, Ridge, 18 Nov 2018) that your “mandate comes from the members” of the Labour party. But Brexit puts our communities and the most vulnerable in society at risk. At best it is a huge distraction from the policies we desperately need to improve our country.

Labour conference was emphatic that a vote with an option to remain must be kept on the table.

You have clearly committed to party democracy and to a new kind of politics. You have also rightly respected the conference decision. 86 per cent of Labour members back a people's vote on Brexit with an option to Remain in the EU. We want the Labour leadership to now back its members on Brexit.

Labour should now lead the campaign to give the many not the few, the final say on Brexit.

Already public opinion has shifted rapidly with 54% now backing staying inside the EU. If Labour shifted its position we are certain this would turn the polls decisively in favour of the Remain side.

But time is of the essence. We need to act now. Please listen to the members and back a final say for the people.

The undersigned

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