Protect UK democracy

We call on the Government to protect our Democracy from Arron Banks and other malign forces.  We cannot accept the result of a referendum won by a campaign that cheated and still hasn't been clear about its funding sources. So we need a People's vote to solve the Brexit gridlock, but the People's vote must be different to the last referendum.

We must ensure there are proper safeguards, to prevent similar abuses from taking place in the future. We need:

- Tough regulation on digital campaigning and strict checks on how money is spent before it is deployed.
- New powers to tackle 'fake news' and disinformation, with sanctions for campaigns who deliberately mislead voters.
- A more muscular ICO, to protect people from data abuse

The final say on Brexit should be free, fair and without corruption. Help us give the final say to the people. Sign our petition below.

We, the undersigned, demand the government introduces greater safeguards to protect our democracy.

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