Let’s save Derby’s highstreet!

Let’s save Derby’s high street

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Together, we can beat Coronavirus and get the best trade deal for our local businesses. Add your name now.

Derby’s high street is one of the worst hit in the country, according to recent research.

We’ve lost tens of local institutions and family businesses - the city's 285-year-old department store Bennetts shut up shop last year.
And a few months ago, Spondon Hardware closed after 10 years, despite the hard work of owners Tim and Julie Bacon. Moore’s convenience store, which has served Derby since the 1960s, closed its doors for the final time last July.

Closures in Derby

There are many more of these stories - sadly, too many to mention.

Researchers have blamed confusion around Brexit: uncertain trading conditions and nervous shoppers are leaving our high street desolate and our community disheartened.

That’s why I’m calling on our MP to ensure a quick and comprehensive trade deal with Europe which guarantees seamless international trade. Global Britain needs to make the best of easy trade of goods and services between our nation and our nearest trading ally.

Still work to do even now Brexit is done

The same study found that nearby Leicester and Nottingham has some of the most thriving high streets in the country. If we re-establish confidence and secure frictionless trade with our closest neighbours, I don’t see why Derby can't achieve the same

So, join me in calling on my MP to get Derby high street thriving, save local jobs and get the best, closest deal with Europe. 

Save jobs. Save Derby's high streets. Fix Coronavirus first.

The highstreet is the heart of any town, a centre of local business but also a hub for the community. Let’s save the heart of Derby.

Let’s save our highstreet! Add your name below.

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