Simplify trade. Work together. Save the Earth.

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How we trade should reflect what we believe in. The climate crisis requires global action. Britain can lead the way.

Best for Britain wants to simplify trade, work together and save the Earth.


We should prioritise free and frictionless trade with our neighbours, Europe, to reduce associated energy expenditure and carbon emissions. Why would we fly our food all the way from Australia or Japan, rather than ship from our closest neighbour just across the Channel?

Duplicated testing, complex rules of origins checks and extra paperwork means more lorries idling on the motorway and more food rotting in the back of them. Free and frictionless with Europe will help to offset the UK’s climate impact. 

The UK must simplify trade with its closest neighbour to fight the climate crisis and hit our 2050 net zero targets.

That's why Best for Britain is working to cut red tape and simplify trade.


We cannot undertake meaningful global action if we are at odds with our closest neighbour. The UK should work to repair lines of communication with the EU, including implementing structural processes and regular conferences. 

Integrating our regulations with Europe will not only smooth trade, it will ensure we have an ally in maintaining standards in food, farming and the environment. 

Britain should be leading the way in creating green technology and promoting green industry. That means ensuring scientist, doctors, conservationists and researchers can collaborate across Europe unencumbered. 

That's why Best for Britain works to promote scientific links across Europe.


Our trade policy should be reinforcing our commitment to the environment. The UK should not offset its emissions at the expense of developing nations. We should work with Europe to tackle the climate crisis fairly.

As the COP26 climate summit approaches, Britain should lead the world on multilateral responses to the climate emergency.

British standards of food safety, animal welfare, environmental protection are a gold standard worldwide. We will be vigilant in upholding these standards in any trade agreements. The UK should work with Europe to drive up standards through trade worldwide. 

That's why Best for Britain is campaigning to uphold British standards.