Extend the transition period now!

The country is in crisis.

If the government cannot get a proper deal in time, it is clear what we need.

We need an extension to the transition period now.

Sign the petition.

GOAL: 30,000 signatures

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UPDATE: 21/12/2020

New poll from Best for Britain shows voters overwhelmingly want the Government to seek an extension to Britain’s Brexit transition period.

There is majority support for extending the transition period, with 51 per cent backing such an arrangement and only 20 per cent opposing. Support for ‘extension’ is higher than ‘no extension’ in every part of the country, and among Conservative supporters. Find out more here.

Voters know what the Government is refusing to admit – we’re out of time. Our major trade route with our biggest trading partner is shut, international travel is being choked off and yet everything is supposed to be ready for an orderly exit from the EU on January 1st.


Add your name and make your voice heard:

Borders are closing to Brits. A mutant COVID virus has run rampant. Our supply of food and medicines are in danger. The vaccine may need military airlifts to get here. And there is flooding across the nation.

If we can’t get a deal, we need an extension to avoid compounding a national crisis. If there’s a deal to be had, no arbitrary timeline set a year ago, should get in the way. Even if we reached a deal today, neither side would be allowed time to scrutinise it properly.

As you read this, food is rotting in trucks at the border. Panic buying has begun. All of our attention must be on fighting this highly contagious new strain of coronavirus. Let’s stop the clock and do this properly.

Let’s get an extension, and get a comprehensive deal with Europe.

A massive, internationally co-ordinated scientific effort has delivered us a vaccine. But this new COVID strain shows our situation is still dangerous. 

Where there is a will, there is a way. An extension to the current transition arrangements can be achieved by agreement with the EU or as part of a phased implementation of a deal. Whatever the mechanism, whether it is called an extension or an implementation period or a deferment, we need extra time.

We need a deal which lets us stay ahead of COVID. 

The only way to beat this virus is international co-operation and scientific achievement. The UK needs a deal which lets us do work with Europe to stay safe. That means participating in the Horizon science fund, worth over €80 billion. That means participating in educational programmes like Erasmus, which fosters learning across borders. And that means seamless trade with Europe to deliver food and medicine to the British people.

An extension would allow us to get all these things. An extension would avert the oncoming no deal cliff-edge we are faced with, and secure a proper deal instead.

Stop the clock, extend the transition period, and get a deal now. Sign your name above.


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