Farage admits “Brexit has failed”

Last night, one of the chief architects of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, Nigel Farage, admitted that “Brexit has failed”.

The former UKIP and Brexit Party leader was speaking on BBC Newsnight, where he was presented with analysis showing that Brexit is costing the UK £40bn/year in lost tax revenue. The BBC also cited polling suggesting that a strong majority of British people now regret the decision, with UK-EU trade declining due to Brexit and UK households hit harder by inflation than their EU counterparts.

The admission comes as Best for Britain prepares to host Trade Unlocked 2023, a major conference bringing policymakers together with hundreds of businesses to create a trade policy blueprint for the next decade that can tackle the challenges facing the UK economy including those created by Brexit. The conference will take place at the Birmingham NEC on 20th June.

Best for Britain Chief Executive Naomi Smith said:

“Brexit has been a stain on our global standing, a drag on our economic growth, and a disaster for millions of EU citizens here and Brits in Europe.

"Finally, its main cheerleader admits the project has failed, so it’s high time that both Government and opposition commit to repairing the damage, and fast.”