Fathers' Day 2019: Why a No Deal Brexit would be terrible for fathers

To coincide with Father's Day 2019, Best for Britain have compiled a list of reasons why a No Deal Brexit would be terrible for fathers living, working and bringing up families here in the UK.

Commenting, Best for Britain supporter and Lib Dem leadership candidate Ed Davey MP said:

"Brexit threatens the livelihoods and prospects of fathers, mothers and families across the United Kingdom.

"I don’t want to see a shrinking economy, worsening climate and isolationist world view become the future our children grow up in.

"We make the most progress when we work together with our European neighbours and partners. That’s why it's crucial that the people are given the final say on this momentous issue."

1. Shared parental Leave

EU-derived employment law entitles new fathers to the same rights as mothers to take parental leave. This means men, women, and same sex parents, all now have equal rights of at least 18 weeks' parental leave for each child.

2. Minimum paternity leave for new fathers 

The EU Council has just this month adopted a new directive which sets a European minimum standard of 10 days of paternity leave for fathers following the birth of their child, compensated at the level of sick pay.  This law also doubles the existing right to 4 months of parental leave, and crucially makes 2 months of it non-transferable between parents, ensuring that fathers get at least 2 months of parental leave.

However, if we leave the EU without a deal at the end of October, it’s likely new fathers in the UK might miss out on more landmark paternity leave legislation like this.

3. Erasmus babies 

The Erasmus scheme has been responsible for one million babies, with more than a quarter of those who take part in the programme meeting their long-term partner while studying abroad, a study by European Commission has revealed.

4. But… a No Deal would mean a stiff challenge for the little swimmers 

Every year, around 2,500 men and women in the UK have a baby with the help of a sperm donor, and the UK is heavily reliant on foreign sperm.  But like all imports, these could be affected by Brexit if these thousands of samples are held at the border.

Government technical notices unveiled in August 2018 revealed that thousands of sperm samples are imported from Denmark every year, highlighting that if the UK exits the bloc without an agreement this supply would be held up at the border, making it harder for the little swimmers to reach our sperm banks. 

5.  No such thing as a HARD Brexit?

Economic hardship for fathers may last longer if we leave the EU without a deal - but some things won’t. Pharmaceutical companies such as Zava have been stockpiling one million the little blue pills in the case of a No Deal exit, meaning it might be harder for men to conceive and become fathers.

Looks like it might be a soft Brexit after all….

6. Last days of roam

British mobile users could face roaming fees abroad once again in the event of a No Deal Brexit, making it more expensive and difficult for fathers spending long periods away from family to call loved ones back home.