Fight for NHS workers

We have fewer nurses and midwives this year, compared with last year - according to the Nursing and Midwifery Council 1

We, the undersigned, demand Dominic Raab gives immediate certainty for NHS staff.

Our NHS has a vacancy crisis and even Jeremy Hunt admits the Brexit deal is making things worse 2.

No one voted for fewer nurses or midwives but the politicians have been using EU citizens as a bargaining chip and NHS workers are leaving in droves. 

Last year, 4000 EU nurses left our NHS and only 800 arrived1. With the vacancy list growing, that's bad for waiting times, bad for staff morale and bad for patient safety. 

Enough is enough. Sign our petition to demand certainty for NHS workers- Dominic Raab must stop using NHS workers as bargaining chips! 



[Link 1]-NMC reports fewer nurses because of Brexit

[Link 2]-Hunt admits Brexit causing NHS staffing problems

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