Food Poverty is not a Fair Trade

A suite of issues will make food insecurity more likely for Britons

Despite the Government securing a tariff-free trade deal with the EU, countless issues remain when it comes to UK-EU trade. 

With increases in paperwork, shortages of workers and difficulties in the supply chains for raw materials, food prices in post-Brexit Britain look set to skyrocket

And it’s not just Brexit that is causing problems. With inflation set to rise to more than 4% and the Government having stopped the £20 a week uplift to Universal Credit in October, ordinary families are finding their budgets squeezed and may be pushed deeper into food insecurity. Best for Britain’s Affordable Food Deal campaign predicted these problems in 2020, and recommended solutions that the government ignored.

We cannot let this happen.

Best for Britain is secretariat of the UK Trade and Business Commission. The commission will be releasing a new interim report exploring the difficulties that post-Brexit trade continues to cause. In particular, the report looks at the trade in food and perishables, and explores the ways in which we can improve that trade to facilitate a smoother and less costly process. The full report is available here.

By implementing the report’s recommendations, the Government could save money, time and resources, thus preventing price increases from being passed on to cash-strapped customers

Sign our petition calling on the Government to recognise that Food Poverty is not a Fair Trade today.

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