Keep Britain at the forefront of innovation with Galileo

After 15 years of collaborating with the best scientists from across Europe and spending £1.2 billion of British taxpayer money, Brexit means we may now have to leave the Galileo project, the world's most advanced global navigation satellite system.


Galileo allows future industries to innovate. It is far more advanced than competing satellite systems developed by the US, China, Japan and Russia. It has 26 satellites and the technology is so specialised that the navigation system has a resolution of 1 centimetre - offering unprecedented reliability and precision. This is crucial for the mass adoption and commercialisation of much anticipated technologies such as driverless cars and autonomous drones in transport, logistics and distribution.


This level of innovation has been achieved through the European Union’s ethos of open collaboration and dedication to scientific progress for the benefit of future generations. This is an exceptional policy in sharp contrast to other systems that primarily serve a military purpose.


Galileo’s technology is free and open to us, but British organisations will be denied the same level of access if we leave the EU.


British inventors should be world leading. We are so close to the finish line that leaving now would be unfair to the teams of scientists who have worked so hard to make Galileo a success. Sign this petition to tell your MP that we must stay in the EU and be part of Galileo.

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