Green Party pledge to rejoin EU Customs Union and restore free movement

The Green Party launched their manifesto for the General Election today which included promises to rejoin the EU Customs Union and restore freedom of movement.

Describing their party as 'pro-European, and proudly so', the Green Party Manifesto asserted 'Britain would be better off politically,
socially, environmentally and economically had we maintained our EU membership' and committed to:

  • Joining the EU Customs Union
  • A speedy return to free movement
  • Rejoining the Erasmus Programme, one of 114 recommendations of the UK Trade and Business Commission 

The Greens further committed to re-joining the EU as soon as the domestic political situation is favourable and EU member states are willing.

Cal Roscow, Director of Campaigns at Best for Britain said,

“In making these commitments, the Green Party is giving voice to the majority of British people who now understand that Brexit has been a disaster, can see the damage it is causing and want their representatives to do something about it. 

“We will work with all parties in the next parliament to fix the problems Britain faces after Brexit and the first step will be rebuilding ties with our closest neighbours.”