Send your MP a message

Take just three minutes to send your MP a direct message. Let them know what you care about and what you'd like them to do, on your behalf. Add your voice to the thousands of others who have used our tool to contact their MP. By contacting your Member of Parliament directly, and adding your message to the stack of others from likeminded neighbours, you make sure your MP can't ignore you.

Your MP represents you and it doesn't matter whether you voted for them or not. It doesn't matter if you agree with them or not. They need to hear from you. Not every MP will agree with us, not every MP will change their mind. But if every MP gets an inbox full of messages from people like you they will talk to eachother about it - and your concerns will have been pushed up the priority list for political debate.

Take just three minutes now to send a direct message. Add your voice to thousands of others. Help build an inclusive, confident and united Britain that is outward looking and respected as a trusted partner on the global stage once again.

Tell your MP to support this campaign

Send a message to your MP telling them you support this campaign by entering your postcode.

You will then be redirected to the HeyMP website to choose your prefered method of communication.