High Court ruling against new protest rules is a victory for democracy

Relief after London’s High Court found that the Government’s new anti-protest rules are unlawful. 

The UK High Court has this morning ruled that the Government unlawfully gave police wider powers to impose conditions on protests which cause “more than minor” disruption to the public. 

Legal action was brought against the Home Office by the civil rights group Liberty after changes were made to public order law last year, which gave the police almost unlimited powers to shut down protests. 

Best for Britain campaigns against stringent legislation like the Public Order Act and the Policing Act which limit accountability and threaten the fundamental democratic right to protest. In 2022, Best for Britain was successful in getting elements of the Policing Act removed.

Cal Roscow, Director of Campaigns at Best for Britain said,

“This is an important victory for the fundamental right to protest and the strengthening of accountability for those in power.

“Best for Britain will continue to stand up for vital democratic rights in the face of increasingly authoritarian measures from an increasingly desperate government terrified of scrutiny in this crucial election year.”