Protect International Aid

British International Aid provides developing countries with vital assistance. Helping to alleviate poverty, reduce famine and combat disease. It provides children with an education and families with decent homes. For many it is their only hope of living a decent life.

Sadly, there is now a concerted campaign to cut our aid budget in the name of right-wing nationalism. Earlier this year, aided and abetted by the Daily Express, Jacob Rees Mogg called on the government to "end the foreign aid madness", while David Davis joined calls from the Daily Mail to scrap the international aid target

They do so in full knowledge that innocent people will suffer. That families devastated by nature's worst disasters will be left helpless. That impoverished children will never go to school.

The post-Brexit landscape must not be used as the excuse to renege on Britain's commitments or neglect its responsibilities. Sign our petition today to ensure that Britain remains a compassionate, outward looking nation

If you agree, sign our petition:

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