MRP Polling: June 2024

A colossal new poll and MRP analysis suggests that Labour’s lead is built on people who have already decided to vote tactically and that tactical voting will be essential to prevent a hard-right Conservative opposition led by Suella Braverman or Nigel Farage. will launch
tactical voting recommendations
on Monday 17th June

Best for Britain’s massive poll of more than 22,000 people and MRP analysis undertaken by Survation shows Labour currently leading in 456 seats while the Tories have crumbled to a dismal 72, barely enough candidates to fill a double-decker bus. The Lib Dems meanwhile regain their position of third largest party - ahead in 56 seats.

The MRP results alone are not tactical voting recommendations. When we make our recommendations on Monday 17th June, we will take the latest polling and MRP data into account but will also feed take note of what we know of the parties' targeting and any local effects that have a bearing on the election in any particular constituency. 

In terms of the inferred national vote share, Labour currently leads (39.6%) followed by the Conservatives (23.5%), Reform UK Party Ltd (12.3%), the Liberal Democrats (11.4%) and then the Green Party (6.4%).

The Conservatives sink to 72 seats and Labour set for 456 seat landslide, while Reform UK likely to secure seven seats in first major MRP poll since Farage declared his candidacy.

Data tables

  • will publish tactical voting recommendations on Monday, giving voters the information they need to lock Tories and Reform UK out of Parliament.
  • Polling of 22,149 GB adults conducted by Survation on behalf of Best for Britain between 31st May - 13th June 2024. View data tables.
  • Constituency-level MRP analysis conducted by Survation on behalf of Best for Britain of polling conducted between 31st May - 13th June 2024 of 42,269 GB adults. View data tables.