Most Labour voters want to stay in the EU

The ground has shifted. 1.4 million Labour voters have switched their support and would now vote to stay in the EU.

That means well over half of all Labour voters want to stay. We know there's still time to stop Brexit.

There's even an outright majority of voters for staying in the EU in 161 of the 262 constituencies Labour won in 2017.

That's 61% of Labour voters and 61% of Labour's Westminster seats.

56% of Labour voters want a people's vote to give them the final say on the Brexit deal. See here for more.

Scroll down for our interactive map and see the full report here.

After the biggest poll yet, Best for Britain and Hope Not Hate have produced a new map of British attitude towards Brexit and the tide has turned. A majority of UK constituencies no longer back Brexit. Over 100 Leave constituencies have changed to Remain. 

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