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Dear Labour MP,

I urge you not to help deliver Brexit. Please do not do a deal with the Tories. Show them that Labour cannot be bought off.

Brexiters like Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson want to use Brexit to slash and burn workers rights. From increasing the length of the working week to scrapping protections for part time and agency workers (ensuring they are paid the same as full time workers). All would be under threat long term from Brexiters undermining our rights.

Whether we voted to leave or to stay, no one voted for a bonfire of workers rights.

Brexit threatens our jobs, our rights, and our NHS – everything that I, as a Labour supporter, hold dear.

Instead, please vote against Tory Brexit. The alternative is watching this Government devastating the lives of hard working people.

Labour MPs must not be bought off with empty promises. We all know that you can't trust this government with workers' rights.

The Labour Party's leadership is needed now to fight Tory Brexit.

We love Labour, but hate Brexit.

GOAL: 10,000 signatures

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