Major new conference will ‘set a course for growth’ before next election

A major new conference has been organised to ‘set a course for growth’ as the UK faces grim economic forecasts and parties prepare for a General Election.

Trade Unlocked 2023, a one-day event at the Birmingham NEC on Tuesday the 20th June, will bring businesses of all sizes, from all parts of the economy together with decision makers and trade experts.

The interactive conference will draw on the expertise and experience of all delegates to find solutions to the challenges of the current trading environment and opportunities for the decade ahead.

The evidence and recommendations from Trade Unlocked will be used to influence manifestos ahead of the next General Election.

Trade Unlocked has been announced the week after the IMF published their latest forecast showing that the UK economy will shrink by 0.3% this year, the worst prediction of all G7 nations. Similarly, the ONS last week confirmed UK goods exports are also trailing G7 competitors and the UK economy saw no growth last February. Latest estimates further suggest that growth is still badly impacted by unprecedented labour shortages.

The event has been organised in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce, the International Chambers of Commerce and other high profile business leaders with policy support from the UK Trade and Business Commission.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain which is organising Trade Unlocked 2023 said,

“As our economy stagnates, traders struggle and UK soft power wanes, policy makers are searching for solutions to these issues as they begin drafting manifestos ahead of the next election.

This is why we are bringing those on the frontline of business and industry together, from fishermen to financiers, from florists to pharmaceuticals, from farmers to fintech, to send a clear message to those seeking power: reduce trade barriers, cut red tape, and give us access to skills”

Jürgen Maier, Former Chief Executive of Siemens and Chair of the Trade Unlocked 2023 Organising Committee said,

“The next general election presents a chance to influence election manifestos and set a course to reverse economic stagnation with sustained economic growth’’

“We simply cannot afford another decade of lost growth which could relegate the UK to being a second rate economy. UK business is much better than that, and this is a conference to influence, learn, innovate and trade more to raise economic output, productivity and living standards’’

Shevaun Haviland, Director General of the British Chamber of Commerce, who also sits on the Trade Unlocked 2023 Organising Committee said, 

“Too often trade policy is set without the input of, and sometimes even against the advice of, the people and organisations that trade every day.

“That is what Trade Unlocked will redress. I’m looking forward to having businesses, trade experts and leaders come together in one room to ensure our voices are represented at the very highest levels of decision-making.”


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