Meaningful Vote Amend conservative

Tell your MP to support a meaningful vote

On Wednesday MPs will decide who controls the Brexit process. The government wants to keep all the power, and deny anyone else a say. MPs have the chance to demand that parliament, as our democratic representatives, makes the decision.

What is the government afraid of? The PM is confident that she can negotiate a good deal for Britain. She thinks "no deal" can and should be avoided. So why is she afraid to put this before Parliament? She should have more confidence in herself and do the right thing for the country.

Write to your MP now to ask them to support a truly meaningful vote on the Brexit deal.


A personal message is much more powerful. Please take a minute to add your own thoughts and your own reasons why you want your MP to support a meaningful vote.

You should mention it if you are a member of their political party, or you have voted for them in the past, or if you would consider voting for them in the future.