Best for Britain's Negotiating Aims

This is the transition year. Best for Britain's role is to be detailed and data driven, to be slow, precise and considered in our approach. The time of constant knife-edge parliamentary battles is over.

That’s why in 2020, Best for Britain is throwing our weight behind concrete objectives and achievable aims.

We will amplify the voice of people and business on our future relationship with Europe, advocating for the closest possible alignment with the trading bloc on our doorstep.

We need to know you're with us.

Cross-party working

By fostering cross-party co-operation between internationalist MPs, and cross-border communication between Westminster and Brussels, we will advocate for a relationship with Europe that secures our future as a prosperous, open and outward looking nation.

Public opinion

We will continue to monitor and shape public opinion through comprehensive polling and credible analysis, arming our allies with the latest and best data.


And crucially, we will scrutinise the trade negotiations. The UK is set to embark on dual trade negotiations with the USA and the EU, determined to reach an agreement before the end of the transition period. There is a risk that the UK could choose to undercut standards, from environmental and consumer regulations to human rights and legal protections, in an effort to meet its own rapid timetable.

Jobs at risk

The cut-throat pace of negotiations will sacrifice detail in favour of speed. A bare-bones trade deal with the EU could disrupt supply chains, threaten manufacturers and business, and risk British jobs, with devastating local consequences.

Therefore, we commit to championing the following aims for the negotiations:

  • Secure reciprocal freedom of movement with the EU.
  • Maintain EU environmental, consumer and trade regulations.
  • Defend workers’ rights, human rights and recourse to international legal protections.
  • Commit to reciprocal security and policing arrangements with the EU.
  • Maintain cross-border co-operation on science and technology and study programmes for students.

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