Network Rail: Keep EU protections

Network Rail is facing a funding crisis, so in a bid to please shareholders, it's looking at ways to drive down costs.
In Brexit it thinks it may have finally found the answer, an opportunity to scrap crucial safety regulations. 

As a member of the European Union, British rail operators have to meet certain quality specifications designed to reduce the risk of accidents and deliver a more reliable service. But once Britain leaves, rail operators will be free to scrap these and introduce cheaper practices instead. 

According to a story published in the Financial Times, Network Rail plans to do exactly that. Despite the Rail Safety and Standards Board warning it would be a mistake. Network Rail's CEO says he believes these protections "drive unnecessary costs into the UK railway" but what he really means is this: that the safety of drivers and passengers is expendable so long as their accounts are in the black.

We must not allow private railway companies to cut corners at the expense of their workforce. Help us protect EU safety regulations. Sign our petition today.

We, the undersigned, demand that Network Rail maintain the existing safety regulations if Britain leaves the European Union.

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