NEW REPORT: The state of EU-UK trade negotiations: is the Government measuring up to its promises?

In a major new report, The UK’s Negotiations with the EU on a New Trading Future - Aspirations, Benchmarks and Measures of Success, commissioned by non-partisan campaign group Best for Britain, Tim Ward and Namali Mackay provide the first detailed analysis of the government’s ambitions for a trade deal, and the realities facing their negotiating teams. 

The Government in its 2019 Political Declaration and in its manifesto, promised free and frictionless trade with the EU on goods and services. A new report identifies the seventeen promises that the Government must fulfil to deliver the comprehensive deal we were assured.

Unfortunately, for many of these key promises, from transparent rules of origin laws to no tariff trading and the free exchange services, the UK faces an uphill struggle to deliver. Some issues, like fisheries, regulatory alignment and 'level playing field', are at complete stalemate, with the UK unwilling to compromise to get a deal.

Working with trade experts, a new report by Best for Britain sets out the current state of UK and EU negotiations - and shows how far we still are from striking a comprehensive deal. Read the full report below

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Breaking down the negotiation into the trade of goods, the trade of services and 'stalemate' issues, the report outlines the challenges faced by both sides, and the benchmarks for a successful deal.

These negotiations are different. Usually, a free trade agreement brings two nations closer to together to allow easy trade. But in these negotiations, the UK and the EU are both splitting apart, and then trying to rebuild their partnership. The report makes it clear, the Government has overpromised, and is on the path to underdeliver. We call on the Government to urgently pursue a full and comprehensive deal with Europe which fulfils the promises it made to the British people. 

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