Break the Parliamentary deadlock with a public vote

Latest research shows a national consensus for a public vote, with Labour constituencies and voters leading the charge

  • New research shows 60% of people want a public vote to break the Parliamentary deadlock
  • Country is uniting around a referendum as the way out of the Parliament deadlock; all regions support a public vote.
  • All Labour seats have a majority in support of a public vote, and 189 Labour seats have over 60% support for a people’s vote
  • 82.2% of Labour voters in London back a people's vote

This new MRP research by shows a clear majority want to break Parliament’s deadlock by putting the decision back to the people.

The research carried out by Best for Britain and HOPE not hate asked people across the country whether they would support a public vote in the event that Parliament is deadlocked. For the first time, the country is uniting around a public vote to get us out of the Parliamentary deadlock. For the first time, every region in the country has majority support for a referendum on the deal.

Support for a public vote is high in Yorkshire & the Humber at 58.9% and the West Midlands at 57.9%, with Wales at just over 60%. London and Scotland are almost level pegging at 67.6% and 67.7% respectively.

The East Midlands, a bastion of leave support in 2016, now has 56.8% in favour of a public vote.

Support among Labour voters is high across all the regions of the country, with the range spanning from 75.1% support for a public vote in the North East to 82.2% support from Labour voters in London.

All Labour seats have a majority in favour of a public vote, as people from constituencies across the country unite around a vote to break the parliamentary deadlock. Laura Smith’s seat in Crewe has 59.2% in favour, and 72% of all seats won by Labour in 2017 have majorities of over 60%.

The Prime Minister is facing the biggest defeat a government has faced since 1924 under Ramsey MacDonald, after which the Labour Party is expected to table a motion of no confidence. Best for Britain and HOPE not Hate are urging Labour MPs to move swiftly to backing a public vote in the aftermath of the vote if a no confidence motion fails, and let the people decide.

Eloise Todd, boss of Best for Britain, said:

“Parliament is deadlocked, incapable of reaching consensus, and our research shows an overwhelming majority of UK voters from North and South, the Midlands and Wales, are uniting around a public vote as our way out of this Brexit mess.

"A public vote is the option the people in the country want, and MPs must not ignore that. Politicians need to resist the temptation to cobble together a Westminster fudge – it’s those kinds of deals behind closed doors that people rejected in 2016. Instead they should listen to the country, understand that most people now want a say on their future, and let the people decide on Brexit."

Nick Lowles, CEO of HOPE not hate added:

“MPs have had over two years to sort out Brexit and it is becoming abundantly clear that there is not a majority for any one option. With Parliament deadlocked the British public now clearly believe that they should make the final decision through a public vote. They overwhelmingly want to take back control and there is nothing more democratic than that.”

Commenting further, Best for Britain champion Virendra Sharma MP said:

"Labour voters and members are clear. Brexit is against what we believe, our values and our principles. London is a multi-cultural, open tolerant city and we welcome EU citizens with open arms. I think Brexit threatens London's place as a world city.

"We, as a party cannot fight austerity and deliver better public services while we pay a sky high Brexit bill.

"Labour must back a second Brexit vote. It's the only way out of this impasse. We must let the people decide."

  1. This research is based on multilevel regression and post-stratification analysis carried out by FocalData based on two waves of YouGov polling, the first (1660 people) was 14-15 December and the second (5125 people) was 2-7 January.

  2. The MRP research builds on polling which included the question: “If Parliament can’t decide on the best way forward for Brexit, would you then support or oppose a public vote on whether Britain stays in the EU, Leaves the EU on the terms set out in the government’s deal, or Leaves the EU with no deal?”

  3. The full list of Labour seats are here.

  4. See below for the regional and Labour breakdown of the research
  All Voters Labour 2017 Vote
Region Support Oppose Support Oppose
East of England 56.00% 44.00% 77.10% 22.90%
East Midlands 56.80% 43.20% 76.90% 23.10%
London 67.60% 32.40% 82.20% 18.80%
North East 59.80% 40.20% 75.10% 24.90%
North West 61.20% 38.80% 76.90% 23.10%
South East 57.80% 42.20% 78.70% 21.30%
South West 55.10% 44.90% 75.90% 24.10%
West Midlands 57.90% 42.10% 77.00% 23.00%
Yorkshire and Humber 58.90% 41.10% 76.20% 23.80%
Scotland 67.70% 32.30% 79.40% 20.60%
Wales 60.30% 39.70% 76.60% 23.40%
National 60.20% 39.80% 77.80% 22.20%