Save Car Manufacturing

The British car industry is one of Britain's major success stories. It supports more than 800,000 jobs across the country and invests heavily in our communities, from Swindon to Sunderland. 

Worryingly, the government's Brexit plans are putting the industry at risk and with it they're putting tens, if not hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk too. 

Jaguar Land Rover have already shifted the production of the Defender to Nitra in Slovakia, while Nissan warn they could be forced to follow suit if the government's deal fails to deliver frictionless trade. 

British manufacturing was recklessly abandoned by politicians in the 1980s, now a new breed threatens to finish it off for good. We can't let this happen. Help us protect the British automotive. Sign our petition today. 

We, the undersigned, demand Theresa May delivers frictionless trade with the EU to protect British car manufacturing and the jobs it supports.

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