Save LIFE. Save the Penguins

Did you know the UK hosts more penguins than any other nation on Earth? 

That's right! Britain's overseas territories, including the Falkland Islands and the British Antarctic Territory, mean the UK is responsible for more penguins than any other nation on the planet. The UK's penguins have had EU funding to protect and conserve their habitats, through EU schemes like LIFE and BEST.

Since 1994, EU schemes have provided more than £3billion to conservation projects around the world. Brexit would mean the end of EU funding and protection for British territories. And to make matters even worse, the UK's government is refusing to commit to replace the lost funds.

Conservation efforts decimated

The CEO of Falklands Conservation, Esther Bertram, has warned that rare species (such as Falklands' native southern rockhopper and gentoo penguins) could be threatened without EU funding and the RSPB has expressed serious concerns

We cannot take our wildlife for granted. Brexit puts penguin populations at risk. The UK should be leading the world in protecting our wildlife.

Sign the petition and demand the government commits to protecting the UK's penguins. The best way to do it is to stay in the EU. 

We, the undersigned, demand the government continues conservation funding for penguins.

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