Pledge to support a fairer voting system

We shouldn't have to use our votes tactically to feel like our votes count. For many of us, the current voting system means when our preferred party just can't win in our area we're faced with choosing whether to waste our vote on the party we actually want or voting tactically for the least-worst party because they might actually win.

None of us like tactical voting, we'd much rather change the system so that all our votes count and the results of elections match what voters actually want.

So make a pledge that you will join the campaign to make this the last election with an unfair voting system. Make a pledge that you will support fairer, more proportional UK elections. Whoever wins this election needs to make fairer voting a priority.

A FAIRER VOTING SYSTEM is Best for Britain

  • We secured significant changes to the undemocratic Elections Act and Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act.
  • Our supporters successfully campaigned for Labour Party members to adopt PR at their 2022 Conference.
  • Our campaigns have raised awareness of the everyday consequences of our unbalanced electoral system, which routinely hands the Conservatives 100% of the power with a minority of votes.

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