Support the NHS, Oppose the Points System

Britain is a country built in no small part by immigrants. 

It is a simple fact that immigrants put more into our economy than they take out. You’re far more likely to be treated by an immigrant in hospital than to stand behind one in a queue to be seen. 

More than one-third of doctors, dentists and pharmacists are foreign born, as are 20% of nurses. The NHS relies on their hard-work and compassion. 

But more importantly, their contribution to our nation cannot be merely quantified. For most of us, immigrants are our friends, our partners, our parents.  Culturally, personally, socially, the impact of immigration is immeasurable.

The Government’s new ‘points based’ policy threatens to undermine all the benefits of immigration Britain has enjoyed. Migrants defined as “unskilled” will not be given visas.

 “Unskilled” workers, from Britain or abroad, provide vital services up and down the country, work that is already undervalued and underpaid. The points system will increase the shortage of such crucial labour. That means fewer carers, cleaners and ambulance drivers.

Two-thirds of EU migrants currently contributing to our healthcare would not have been allowed into the country under this new system.

The policy ignores the fact that many people come to Britain to train, learn and improve themselves. The UK will lose out on untold potential and will deny thousands the opportunity to contribute to our country. 

That’s why I’m calling on my MP to oppose the government’s changes to immigration policy. Will you join me?

GOAL: 25,000 signatures

If you agree, sign the open letter:

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