Resist Trump, Save the NHS

Dear Mr President,

We, the undersigned, reject your divisive politics and will not stand by as you seek to undermine British values, standards and our way of life. 

We will not allow you to use Brexit to make us poorer or less safe and we will not support racism, homophobia or isolationism.

You and Mr. Johnson represent an insidious and deceitful strain of politics, and your endorsement of Mr. Johnson is an indictment of his Government. 

You have claimed the NHS “is on the table” in a free trade deal with United States. You and Mr. Johnson have undertaken a sustained and ideological project to exploit our citizens for the benefit of big business. 

We will oppose any future trade deal or partnership with the United States which in anyway undermines our values: fairness, openness, compassion, and equality.

In particular, we will protect:

Our NHS. 

Our NHS exists for the benefit of its patients and our society. We will not allow it sold off and torn apart by profiteers. We will not allow the market to determine the quality of care our citizens receive. Our lives will not be measured in profit margins.

Our medicine. 

A free trade deal with the United States threatens us with extortionate prices and substandard quality in our medicines. We will not accept an American style pharmaceutical industry which exploits the sick and vulnerable.

Our food safety and quality standards. 

We will never allow American products that do not comply with our own standards to enter the UK market. We will not accept chlorinated chicken, beef full of hormones and maggot infested food. We will not compromise our traditions of quality and integrity.

Our position as a global partner and influencer. 

America First means Britain last. We reject such zero sum politics and stand up for a Britain that works together with all its allies to tackle shared problems and create a better future for all.


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