Save Peaceful Protest in Parliament Square

Sign the petition to save your right to protest peacefully in Parliament Square. 

We believe that as long as laws are made in Parliament, then British people must have a legal right to protest in Parliament Square.

Update - 17 March

The Policing Bill will return once again to the Lords in this next round of ping pong on Tuesday 22nd March. Peers will be deciding whether to put back in any of the amendments MPs took out.

Let the House of Lords know how much you value your right to protest peacefully, and let them know you are counting on them to preserve our democracy by signing the petition today. 


Update - 28 February:

The Government’s 80-strong majority of MPs have kicked out nearly all of the amendments made by the House of Lords to the Bill. It will soon return to the Lords where members of the House will determine whether to concede to the Commons’ action or whether to stand firm and amend the Bill again. This is known as ping-pong as it goes back and forth between the Houses. 

We need the House of Lords to remain steadfast - this is the only way you will be able to retain your right to protest peacefully in Parliament Square. Tell the Lords you want them to stand firm while our civil rights are at stake. Sign the petition today.


Update - 10pm, Monday 17th January 2022

The Lords defeated the government this evening by 236 votes to 158 and added the two amendments championed by Best for a Britain to the Policing Bill. MPs will now have to vote on these amendments when the Bill goes back to the Commons for the next stage. 

Though the Bill still contains many provisions that concern us, this victory means protests in Parliament Square live to fight another day. Add your name to the petition so we can show MPs they have to keep these amendments in the Bill when they are asked to vote on them.

The amendments

Provisions made in Clause 59 of the Policing, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill will mean that holding large-scale demonstrations in Parliament Square will be banned. This will limit people's ability to visibly disagree with their Government, and curtail freedom of speech and expression in the UK. 

We are backing two amendments to the Bill, which will give people a legal route to hold large scale peaceful demonstrations in Parliament Square. By signing this petition you will be joining the fight to save people’s democratic right to protest peacefully

Time is running out, so add your signature today: show Parliament that your continued freedom of speech and expression, and your right to peaceful protest are what is best for Britain.


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