Don't negotiate away our NHS

We all know Trump. He stands for the rich and powerful against the poor and vulnerable.

Brexit is weakening Britain. Brexit is bad for the NHS. We must stop Brexit and stop Trump.

Our NHS is for all of us, free at the point of use.


Trump looks at Brexit and sees an opportunity to make money

A Trump trade deal would mean more than just just chlorinated chicken in our shops. Trump has talked about ever increasing medicine prices for the NHS. Trump wants American healthcare companies to carve off parts of our health service to make profit from our illnesses.

NHS treatments could become unaffordable

The government should protect our NHS. Parliament must put watertight safeguards in place to protect our health service from being sold off in a US trade deal. No patient should lose out for the sake of a trade deal with Trump.

GOAL: 5,000 signatures

The NHS is not for sale. Sign if you agree:

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