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Welcome to the Best for Britain Scandalous Spending Tracker

Here we explore the stupefying spending undertaken by this government since the current Prime Minister took office.



This figure is an estimate using publicly available data which you can find hereWe’ve categorised each entry as either a Crony Contract (such as giving government contracts to Conservative chums), a Duff Deal (like blowing billions on stuff that doesn’t work) or an Outrageous Outgoing (including spending silly money on interior design).

We’re not doing this for laughs. It's easy to become numb to the scale and frequency of the government's fiscal ineptitude and dodginess and so we want to highlight the cumulative impact this is having at a time when they have so many other things they should be spending on. 

From tackling fuel and food poverty, to making up for lost money from EU regional development funds, this record is particularly shameful when you consider they are increasing taxes for working people and cutting support for those most in need both home and abroad, and all during a cost of living crisis.

We'll keep it updated as new revelations come to light so check back to get the latest eye-watering figure.

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