Let's keep Hitachi in Sedgefield

Let's keep Hitachi in Sedgefield!

250 jobs already at risk. Sign up below to save them.

Together, we can beat Coronavirus and get the best trade deal for Sedgefield. Add your name now.

Five years ago, Hitachi opened a factory in Newton Aycliffe creating 850 much-needed jobs. Sedgefield was set to become the centre of train manufacturing and engineering in the UK. These jobs are now at risk. Sign below to help fix this.

This January cutbacks were announced, with Hitachi bosses saying Brexit and the uncertain future of UK trade was to blame. We’re faced with 250 job losses - quality jobs that Sedgefield needs. 

Save local jobs now

We need answers, and we need them fast. We must secure a comprehensive trade deal with Europe which guarantees seamless international trade. A full, comprehensive deal will save local jobs.

That’s why I’m calling on my MP to end the indecision and get the UK back on track.

Sedgefield can go from strength to strength if we make sure our future trade with Europe avoids unnecessary customs checks or tariffs and allows companies to trade easily. Together, we can build on Hitachi’s legacy, and attract even more skilled and sustainable jobs. 

Still work to do even now Brexit is done

I believe we have an opportunity for Sedgefield now. We can open the doors to business from all over the world. We can revitalise our manufacturing sectors with a bespoke free trade agreement.

Industries need a guarantee that business as usual can continue with the UK’s closest trading partner.

Easy trade of goods, parts, services and people between our nation and Europe, is the way to get the benefits of global Britain.

Save jobs. Save jobs and industry in Sedgefield. Fix Coronavirus first.

Without a concrete trade agreement with the EU, a cornerstone of Sedgefield’s industry is already being lost.

But together we can save the Hitachi jobs. We’re hard workers in Sedgefield, and we’re a town with a manufacturing pedigree. 

We’ve done well to overcome setbacks and shortages many northern towns have faced in recent years. We’ve welcomed innovation and investment from all over the world. I think it’s time our leaders did the same. 

Sign below to call for my MP to save jobs in Sedgefield.

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