Brexit is Sexist: we don't have to accept it

Whether we voted Leave, Remain, or didn’t vote in the 2016 European referendum at all, none of us voted to jeopardise hard-won women’s rights. Make no mistake about it. Brexit would be the biggest step backwards for women’s rights for over a century.


Brexit was born from sexism - Aaron Banks defended Donald Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” comments, claiming “all men say these things”; Dominic Raab called for an end to “obnoxious feminist bigotry” and thinks it's men's rights that require our concern, saying "men are getting a raw deal"; and Jacob Rees-Mogg declared his complete opposition to “abortion...even after rape”.

Gender equality is at the heart of the EU’s mission. Equal pay and treatment for women in the workplace is safeguarded by EU human rights protections and laws. It is thanks to the EU that we currently have 14 weeks of paid maternity leave, (which can be shared with a partner) and protection against dismissal on the grounds of pregnancy.

Women's safety across borders

Women's safety is also assured across borders. A restraining order issued in one EU country is automatically recognised in another. As EU citizens, women have also gained rights to part-time and flexible working. That's particularly important to the 6.3 million women who work part time while often bearing the majority of caring responsibilities.

Removing women's rights

If we leave, British women will not automatically benefit from future EU equality laws and protections. What’s more, any future government could decide to legislate in the interests of the employer rather than the employee. They could decide to remove current equality rights women have!

None of us voted to bring back inequality for women. Add your name to the petition here. Together we will show this government we won't stand for a reversal of women's rights. Sign now to stop this sexist Brexit.

If you agree, sign our petition:

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