Stop the slaughter

The government is making plans to slaughter thousands of sheep by the roadside if there's no deal on Brexit with the EU. Yet another awful consequence of the Brexit mess we're increasingly like to find ourselves in.

Every day 4,000 sheep are transported to the continent. As part of preparations for trade with the EU to grind to a halt, the government is trying to work out what to do with thousands of sheep and other livestock stuck in trucks queuing for hours or days at Dover or on motorways.

One solution being discussed by ministers is to slaughter the animals by the side of the road. This truly is madness. Why are we planning to disrupt our trading economy is such a cataclysmic way? Why have we put ourselves in the position of considering slaughtering animals by the side of motorways?

We need a final say on the Brexit deal. Sign the petition to demand your final say and let's avoid unnecessary slaughter.

We, the undersigned, government rejects a trade deal with Donald Trump's America if Brexit goes ahead.

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