Selflessness. Integrity. Objectivity. Accountability. Openness. Honesty. Leadership. These, the 'Nolan Principles', are the seven principles that supposedly govern our public life. 

But when's the last time you saw a member of Boris Johnson's Government demonstrating any of these principles in their words or actions? When's the last time you saw this Government acting with common decency or humanity?

In the three years he has been in power, Boris Johnson has overseen:

  • Forced deportations and inhuman detentions
  • Record numbers using food banks
  • The worst fall in living standards since 1956
  • A crumbling NHS
  • Repeated breaches of international law
  • The erosion of basic human rights
  • A return to 'nasty' politics after the murders of two MPs in recent years

Across the political spectrum, there is only revulsion. Two ethics advisors have now quit Boris Johnson's Government - the most recent, Lord Geidt, after the Prime Minister put him in what he called an impossible and odious” position. Four in ten of Boris Johnson's Tory MPs have no confidence in him as leader. He is the first Prime Minister to have broken the law in office.

Those who represent our interests and our country on the world stage must do better. This Government must stop using inhumane policies to whip up a culture war and return to our core British values of a law-abiding, rights-protecting, compassionate nation.

We demand a return to decency in public life. 

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