Let's Protect the UK's Standards

Let’s protect the UK’s standards and international reputation


In the wake of Brexit, the UK is entering a new world of international trade deals. It is absolutely vital that the UK forges strong and sustainable deals with countries around the world. 

These deals should allow the UK to set the highest of standards and help to uphold these in nations around the globe. 

Unfortunately, key elements of the UK-Australia free trade deal suggest that post-Brexit deals may actually see a reduction in UK standards and reputation as opposed to an enhancement. While the government has promised to uphold the UK’s food standards, it has not offered a concrete explanation for how these standards can really be maintained when trading with a country that does not maintain the same food hygiene practices as us.

In addition to potential compromises to food standards, we may also find that future trade deals threaten the livelihoods of UK farmers. Cheaper foreign meat imports may undercut UK producers (and the high quality British food they provide) and leave many struggling to sell or make profits on their produce.

As a nation of animal-lovers, many Britons are also shocked by animal welfare practices in Australia. Practices such as mulesing (the removal of strips of skin from around the rump of a sheep) and sow stalls for pregnant pigs are undeniably cruel to animals. If the deal agreed between the UK and Australia is a blueprint for any future agreements, then we cannot hope to sincerely uphold high standards of animal welfare as a nation. 

In post-Brexit Britain, it is vital that our standards do not slip. We must uphold best practice at all times, protect people at home and around the world and maintain our international reputation.

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