The Government is planning to break international law and break its promises.

Speak up now. Tell your MP Britain should keep its promises. Help them keep Boris Johnson from breaking his word.

By the way, it's not us saying the Government is breaking the law - it's the Government's own Northern Ireland Secretary, Brandon Lewis. You can see what he told MPs here:

Boris Johnson signed the EU Withdrawal Agreement last year, committing the UK to certain customs arrangements for Northern Ireland. The Withdrawal Agreement is an international treaty with the force of international law.

Now Boris Johnson's government says it's going to change these arrangements in UK law - without making a new agreement with Europe.

Breaking international law, going back on promises made in an international treaty and making it harder for Britain to agree a trade deal with our closest neighbours in Europe is no way for a British Government to behave. 

Speak up. Help the Government keep its promises. Help stop them turning Britain into a country that lies and cheats on the international stage.

It's easy, use to send a message now.

Speak out to your MP!





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